I was relentlessly bullied by an older family member for years, my cries for help unheard, I attempted suicide at 16 years old. The adults considered it normal teenage angst and dismissed the abuse.  It continued on and I learned to cope by hurting myself.  I was in and out of psychiatric hospitals as they tried to fix me. I was unable to live in my parents home and moved out on my own at 17 years old .  I finished high  school on my own and took a year of art fundamentals at Sheridan College. But still no stability or a clear plan and with nothing to lose, I moved from Ontario to British Columbia at 21 years old.

I arrived at an SRO in DTES Vancouver. With a job I made money to take some college classes in Fashion Design but then made a switch to learn how to be a tattoo artist. Tattoos were a passion and a beautiful way to cover up my self-inflicted scars.  I loved the culture but I didn’t have the confidence or ability to handle such a stressful job so I gave it up after 3 years. It was during that time that I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. There was still no stability in this time in my life.  I moved around constantly.  My life was focused on survival.  I struggled with drug addiction and alcoholism along with the mental illness on my own. But throughout it all, I had an escape, I could always find peace when I was making art.

I have had opportunities to show my work in amazing galleries with amazing artists. While I never decline an opportunity to show my work, it has never been for business or money. Some paintings can take a long time and are very meaningful to me.  The most satisfying part of sharing my art is to simply hear the viewer’s unique experience of it.

Currently i am in my 40’s and I am living a much healthier lifestyle. I am in recovery from addictions and living a peaceful and stable life. I recently got a piano and picked up from where I left off with that over 30 years ago. I am quite reclusive, I don’t use social media or participate in any social culture at this time. I just enjoy being home with my dog, staying safe and focusing on what gives my life meaning, my art.